Friday, March 29, 2013

Fourth Introductory Video

The fourth and final video discusses "what pet stores don't want you to know." The video comes from the Wall Street Journal, or WSJ, and shows an interview of Kelli Grant, who is the consumer fairs reporter of WSJ's Lunch Break. She is currently the MarketWatch senior consumer reporter, and her material is commonly featured in the Wall Street Journal. This video discusses five of her ten things that "pet stores don't want you to know."

The video is on the Wall Street Journal's site.

Third Introductory Video

This third video sheds some light on the operations of puppy mills. Many pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. These places breed dogs over and over again just to make puppies. The dogs are not cared for and are extremely mistreated. They lead terrible lives and do not get much attention while locked up in the mills. This video shows some of the dogs, which appear to be extremely terrified and depressed. This video comes from the website, which is a website dedicated against puppy factories. They are against the inhumane treatment of puppy factory dogs and are campaigning to outlaw puppy mills.

Second Introductory Video

This is the second video used for the first element of our project. In the video, a man visiting a PETCO notices something wrong with one of the snakes on display. He calls over an employee to get some answers to some questions, and keeps his recording going so that viewers can here what the employee had to say.

First Introductory Video

Here's the first of a few video clips that we used to introduce our project. The goal of these videos was to get people interested in what we are doing. This particular video shows footage from one of PETCO and PetSmart's animal suppliers, Sun Pet Ltd. A PETA investigator went undercover into the supplier as a new employee, and recorded what goes on behind the scenes at Sun Pet. This video comes from PETA's blog, The PETA Files, and the organization is dedicated to fighting for animal rights.