Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Finale: Petition

To wrap up our project, we created a petition online against pet stores that sell puppies. From our research of information on the web and participation by people in the elements we created, we found a common theme against stores. Pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills, which poorly mistreat the dogs and over-breed them to make a profit. The puppies in stores are often displayed in glass cages, and are not cared for as well as they are in animal shelters. The reason this petition specifically targets pet stores that sell dogs is because many animals in pet stores, such as small rodents and birds, are difficult to obtain from other places. If we were to petition against stores that sold those animals, we would potentially be petitioning against ownership of those animals altogether. If you followed us along the way, have read through the blog or just simply do not want to see pet stores sell puppies, sign our petition! It only takes a few seconds, thanks!


  1. So who are you giving the petition to? Or are you just asking people to pledge not to use pet stores that sell puppies?

  2. We are mostly just asking people to pledge against shopping at pet stores that sell puppies.